Tracking Made Simple

Instatrack is the world's most economic tracking and productivity application, and is the best way to stay in touch with your team, family, friends, and everyone else. Whether it is tracking your company employees on site, in the field, on the road or just making sure your son and daughter made it to school on time. Instatrack is the very best, never staying still we are constantly creating better ways for you to stay in touch.

Manage your team

Oversee your team from work or at the beach


Instatrack's world wide service allows you to track your team anywhere at anytime

Team Tracking

Instatrack can manage your team, check their location as well as their reports

Location Alerts

Send emails, push notifications and alerts when your members get to or leave a location

Cross Platform

We have the solution to fit your needs.


Instatrack runs over a powerful cloud backend which allows remote global access

Single Device

Instatrack ensures that a team member can not log in from another unauthorized device.


Instatrack uses the very best in maps for pin point tracking, to make sure you always know where your team is at.

Instatrack on PC

Track your team using Instatrack from the comfort of your PC