Instatrack helps you track your assets on the move using GPS technology

  • Have assets that are on the move? Like a sales team or delivery team? We can help!
  • Want to track your car? No worries!
  • Have kids or family you want to know whereabouts of all the time? Check!
  • Download our App and use our Cloud Portal to track instantly. Get Instatrack!

Beta offer! App is absolutely for free!
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Works on Android and iPhone

Our Instatrack App works on any GPS enabled Android Phone and iPhone! We are soon releasing a Windows Phone version as well.

Cloud Backend

Instatrack runs over a powerful cloud backend. Access your Dashboard from any device connected to the internet.

Track Team and Assets

You can manage your team and assets and check their location details as well as their reports.

GPS and Maps

Instatrack uses GPS hardware on your Android or iPhone for pin point tracking and integrates with Google Maps!

Bind to Single Device

You can ensure a team member does not log in from another unauthorized device.


Managing your team or assets on the move was never so easy! The powerful Dashboard backend does wonders with an easy to use interface.

Works Everywhere

Instatrack can work anywhere in the world where your device can access internet and GPS satellites.

How it works

The Instatrack App has a very straight forward working mechanism. You have an App on your smartphone with which you can check in or check out from a location. If you have some odd situation to report then you can do that as well. Oh and you can turn on realtime location sharing too! You can then monitor all your reports from the online Dashboard system.

How it reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using Instatrack?

Step 1. Create an Admin account at Instatrack by clicking here. Step 2. Login to your Dashboard, and generate an Associate ID. Step 3. Download Instatrack from App Store or Google Play store. Step 4. Tap Register on the App and create a user account associated to the Admin account by entering the Associate ID. Now you can log in from your mobile and start reporting!

Does Instatrack support Realtime location sharing?

Yes Instatrack supports realtime location sharing. To turn it on for a device, launch the Instatrack App on the concerned device, login, then tap the right arrow on the left which will open the drawer. Tap Settings and turn on "Activate Location Stream".

Can I have multiple users under an Admin?

Absolutely! The goal of Instatrack is to provide single point access to locations of your users. You need to generate a new Associate ID per user. Please review the cost of adding new associates.

How does the payment model of Instatrack work?

Instatrack has a very simple payment model for the cloud. A fixed amount per user per year charges are levied. You could also be offered a discounted price which is different from the prevailing rates.

If an associate leaves my team, can I get a refund?

No, a refund is not possible. However you can unlink that user and add another associate. We might issue a refund in special cases for which you will have to get in touch with us.

Do you plan to integrate with other tools and platforms?

Absolutely! We plan on integrating with a lot of platforms with whom our product works in tandem like Salesforce and Basecamp. If you want a platform supported, do let us know!

More questions?

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Story and the Team

The idea had been doing rounds in our heads for quite a while. Then we discussed the idea further, and realized that this could be converted into a platform to address a variety of problems, be it asset tracking or tracking your kids and family. This could solve numerous problems ranging from a company's sales team to a family, from tracking your car to personal productivity. We therefore created Instatrack, a powerful App on the Cloud with versions on both Android and iPhone. The Instatrack Dashboard is designed to be very intuitive and friendly with easy access to the information you need.

Application was Architected by Abhishek and the UI and UX was designed by Chris. We were lucky to have an amazing team to work with. Sawan did the backend and API programming. Sumeet worked on the iPhone and Android Apps. Pradeep did the wonderful Dashboard platform. Together, the Instatrack team has rocked!

Abhishek Chatterjee


Christopher Pigusch

UI/UX Designer

What do people think?

This App is amazing and has an amazing Reporting System! My team loves it and I now know who in my sales team is pitching where instantly!

Jennifer Egan Dallas, US

The biggest problem I had with my on-site servicing team was I never knew who is were at any given point. If a customer called, it was a pain to figure out who is the closest to them. With Instatrack, it's a piece of cake!

John Kerry Salt Lake City, US

My delivery team always had the problem of not being able to convince the manager in cases of failed or delayed deliveries. Now their location reporting solves all problems!

Lee Chan Hongkong, China

I use Instatrack for my personal productivity and tracking my car. It is so much simpler to have a cheap GPS enabled phone hidden in the car for theft protection. And for my productivity, I know where I have spent how much time. I build my personal task list and move through it daily!

Annie Lee Berlin, Germany

We just started a new Start Up and are a team of five. Since most of the work we do is by being on the move everyday, we use Instatrack all the time for managing tasks and reporting locations to each other. Works like a charm!

Adam Gordon London, UK

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